Metaverse VR Game Business

Quickly rising to the top of global VR companies 

through consumer online VR games

From Nintendo DS "Magical Thousand-Character", Nintendo Wii "K-POP DANCE FESTIVAL", and the world's first commercialized VR FPS "Mortal Blitz",

SKonec Entertainment stands above the competition in the console game market with technology gleaned over the past 20 years.

Our exciting new technologies are used to create consumer VR games and content in various genres 

such as "The Door", "Mortal Blitz", and "Mortal Blitz Combat Arena" based on network play.

A never-ending challenge to become the best in the world

SKonec Entertainment is the only console game developer in Korea with proven capabilities accumulated through

arcade and console game development and a comprehensive understanding of the hardware required for VR game development.

In 2020, we will lead the global market with the first F2P FPS for PS VR, "Mortal Blitz Combat Arena".

The best first-person VR action shooter, proven by being the most downloaded PlayStation VR game in North America, Japan, and Europe.

AGC (anti-gravity control) system that directly interacts with objects through telekinesis

A groggy finishing system that lets you enjoy stylish battles in slow motion and shooting after launching enemies into the air

Structured configuration such as dual aiming system, training mode, support for various levels, etc.

Introduced as the most anticipated PS VR game in the second half of 2020 at the Japanese Beat Summit held in June 2020, by Shuhei Yoshida, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studio.

Covered combat using Positional Tracking. Delivers FPS optimized for 360° VR

Motivate users to play repeatedly with various content such as missions, customization and battle pass

Securing a user pool with PSVR game's first F2P (in-game payment) BM and continuous update through seasonal operation


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