XR Education and Training Business

Safe and effective with special education

Sophisticated and smart with professional training 

SKonec Entertainment has developed VR solutions for use in 30 different industries including defense, chemistry, medicine and language.

Special education, which requires training in dangerous situations such as military, security and chemical, can be constructed to a level of near reality for safe operation and at low cost.

Even professional education that requires precision, such as medical care, can be precisely controlled through special instrumentation. It is easy to set up the environment for re-education when a mistake occurs during training.

SKonec Entertainment's convergence XR technology is making industrial education and training safer and more efficient.


We are expanding the education/training business to the public and private sectors by utilizing a large-space virtual augmented reality system powered by the specialized technology of Skonek Entertainment.

Standardization and certifiction in each specialized field empower SKonec Entertainment to enter and succeed in overseas markets.

Fire Drill

VR Training / Large space walk-through VR solution – 4 years (2019 - 2022) project in progress, ETRI collaboration

ㅡ Fire suppression training simulation

ㅡ Application of multi-sensory interface technology to support realistic on-site experiences

ㅡ Realistic training content developed with the participation of firefighters. Necessary to build a virtual reality training ground by the end of 2022 in accordance with related laws.

Chemical Disaster Training

VR Training / Large space walk-through VR solution – 3 years (2018 - 2020) business, Osong XR training center opened

ㅡ Chemical accident response training content

ㅡ Professional training can now be provided in a realistic environment, and assessment of each participant's performanc is accomplished with an evaluation system using a standardized manual.

ㅡ One-person system for incident response training and Multi-Walk Through System for multi-user collaboration training

ㅡ Expansion project is underway

National Defense Training

Covergence of civil virtual reality development technology and military training

ㅡ Large-space hybrid simulation training system for strengthening combat performance based on XR technology

ㅡ Large space walking VR technology-based training system (in progress)_ Defense Agency for Technology and Quality 2020

ㅡ Large space VR training system

ㅡ VR Military / Large space walk-through VR solution - 3 years (2020 - 2022) project in progress
ㅡ Defense simulation training using large space walk-through VR technology
ㅡ A realistic military training system consisting of multiple battlefield mockups

ㅡ Squad-level multiplayer tactical training can be implemented for up to 8 players

Security Training

VR Training / VR solution – 3 years (2020 - 2022) project in progress

ㅡ Police officer security response training simulation    

ㅡ Development of realistic virtual training content to improve on-site response to each situation

ㅡ Evaluation of each trainee's behavior uses a model that produces analysis results.

Medical and psychotherapy content that is actually being used

In collaboration with Kyungpook National University Hospital and Catholic University Hospital, we developed a VR-based medical practice system and content to strengthen on-site clinical competency, and used it for practical education. Content that can overcome fear through training has been proven effective and is being used in the field.

Hip arthroplasty training simulator based on MR

Increase immersion in training by using saw bone and real surgical tools

Training simulator for endoscopic skull base surgery

Real otolaryngology endoscopic surgical tools and skull base are implemented as 3D contents for training

Overcome speech and height phobias through a specialized training program

Realistic situations are implemented in a VR environment to induce appropriate responses from the experiencer

Present various situations such as conference rooms, lecture halls and performance stages

In practice at Gangnam Severance Hospital’s social enhancement clinic


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