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SKonec Entertainment is continuously preparing to discover future businesses by spreading contactless virtualization technology to various fields such as communication and shopping. In particular, as the market demand for various contactless online communication and cooperation methods increases due to the pandemic, new services using virtual reality technology are being introduced. We have developed a real-time virtual character broadcasting system (Vconec Live) and have been broadcasting virtual characters on YouTube. We are currently developing it into a two-way interactive contactless education solution, a virtual conference and virtual exhibition business.

VR,XR that creates a better future with new values

A future closer to our lives

Skonek Entertainment proved its new value by presenting an contactless press conference using a Vtuber.

SKonec Entertainment is realizing today what previously seemed possible only in the future.

Utilize the self-developed Vconec Live solution

Personal broadcasting using Vtuber solution

Various uses for performances, education, etc.

Excellent expandability such as game introduction and broadcasting

Multiplay through multiuser access, VR network social platform that enables multiperson simultaneous experience using the multiaccess integrated control system

Avatar Customization, avatar expressions linked with voice

Supports various content such as listening to music, taking pictures, and a virtual shopping and purchasing system

Easy to expand to various devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs

Korea's first national garden, experience the changes of the four seasons by reproducing the most beautiful nature scenes created by humans in VR.
Realizing a 2~3 km scale national garden, a lively appearance of garden plants, a spirit character reflecting the characteristics of the forest, and a luminous night forest

"Donuimun Gate," a symbol of Korean cultural history that was demolished in 1915 during the Japanese occupation, was restored with digital technology after 104 years.

Experience the interior of Donuimun Gate, the castle walls, and the scenery of Hanyang City Wall, which were restored to their Joseon Dynasty elegance

Content that combines VR technology and art fields and recreates the space of museums and art galleries through VR technology

Meet Monet, the master of French Impressionism and painter of light across time and space, and admire his works together.


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