Business Areas

Era of New Normal

We Are Now Creating New Values

Based on our industry's-best virtual reality content development technology and competitiveness, 

SKonec Entertainment has been creating a variety of contents and services using 4th industrial revolution 
element technologies including 5G, VR and AR.

As a first mover in the 4th industrial revolution, we are continuing the Consumer Online VR and Convergence XR businesses, 

and are creating new values by promoting the contactless realistic communication business.

Development of 
VR Games for Consumers

Based on 20 years of console game development technology and know-how, 

we are developing game contents of various genres including FPS, MUSIC and ROOM ESCAPE 

with ultra-realistic graphic quality and multiplayer network features.

Development of Industrial Contents based on Convergence Technology

We develop space-based virtual reality systems and contents that can be used in industries that require realistic-level training such as chemical, firefighting, national defense, and public security. 

Moreover, we are leading the field of realistic content through planning and design suitable for each field.

Development of Real-time Communication Solution in Virtual Space 

We are developing new and diverse contactless services required in the era of the new normal, 

such as contactless immersive education services using real-time virtual character broadcasting (Virtual Utuber).


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